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About the Artist, Lou Wolf Vallance.

Having returned to painting, which was my first love, my tastes and desires have recently evolved in abstraction with paper collage and acrylic paint.

I worship color and pattern. They are in my thoughts every day. Subject matter such as landscapes, which I still admire, were beginning to dominate my true intentions, that being the exploration of color in pure relationship to patter that can be an exhilarating puzzle. To me, organized patterns equal comfort. When patterns are disassembled, squishing into tight spaces and jumping off the pages, a tension and movement start to creep in. Add an element of color and the painting starts to come alive. Each work evolves as it is being created with no preconceived notions, leading me down a road of mystery.

I invited the view to accept new, bold ideas by stepping away from comfort and attempting to be open to a new way of seeing. My influences are Kandinski, Klimt, El Anatsui, as well as Frankenthauler, inspired by their spontaneous and inquisitive nature. In life, I strive to learn anew each day and try to not stereotype or dwell on past experiences. We are unable to move forward into the moment of each minute with diluted thoughts and our own history of prejudice.

Be fresh. Be present. Be open.

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